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What is Meant by MilesWeb’s White Label Reseller Web Hosting?


As the web hosting industry evolves worldwide, more reseller users are contributing to this growth by providing web hosting services to their clients. Do you think that they set up their own web hosting infrastructure? Well, the answer is no! They outsource web hosting infrastructure from a white-labeled cheap reseller hosting provider.

Now, after reading the terminology of white label cPanel reseller hosting, as a reader, you might get several questions like, what are they? There are numerous reseller hosting providers in the industry, and MilesWeb is one of them. They also offers white-labeled reseller web hosting services to users. Let us know what it means?

Know All About the White Label Reseller Web Hosting

White label hosting means that you can sell hosting services to your clients under your brand name. And as you are doing the same, it will require several technical configurations like server management, maintenance, and others. Therefore, selling web hosting packages could be a time-consuming and also challenging task to accomplish. Hence, web hosting providers take the entire technical burden on their shoulders, and MilesWeb does the same.

They offers 100% white label reseller web hosting packages to users. So, if you are a web designer, web developer, or any other organization that wants to sell hosting services, MilesWeb allows them to sell it under their brand. Rent the web hosting infrastructure to clients after purchasing the reseller hosting plan from MilesWeb. That is how simple it works!

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In this reseller hosting package, users get all hosting features like control panel, bandwidth, disk space, and others to host unlimited websites and applications. With MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plans, users can easily start their hosting venture without carrying too much technical expertise.

Who Should Opt for White Label Hosting?

So far, you might have understood that with the help of white label reseller hosting services, reseller users can sell hosting infrastructure with their brand name. And as far as difficult tasks like server maintenance and its management are concerned, those will be taken care of by web hosting providers themselves.

Thus, we can say that any individual or organization without having any prior technical expertise can consider the white label reseller hosting service.

Using the same is ideal for freelance web developers, website designers, and IT agencies. With the help of reseller hosting, users directly sell web hosting packages to their clients with their brand with all add-on features and services.

It means that reseller users are entirely responsible for upgrading the current hosting service or making some additional configurations according to clients’ requirements. As an individual, if you want to generate more income and start one business, none other than reseller web hosting services are useful.

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Start your research today and implement a good business model that could bring more revenue and a profitable outcome for you. Now, let’s move on to its functionality. How does it work?

Know About the Working of White Label Hosting?

First, as a user, create a website where clients can reach you directly. That website offers some web hosting packages keeping profit margin into consideration. Once you receive the signup for the web hosting order, pay for the white label reseller web hosting service to the original web hosting provider.

To make the billing process easier, it is recommended to use WHCMS to manage the monthly billing of your clients. Moreover, not introducing yearly plans will create several challenges in managing clients’ hosting accounts. Follow the same pattern of web hosting providers and some up with monthly plans only.

When a customer initiates the hosting account, the web hosting provider gets the notification of it, and they instantly install the server. Finally, your client will get a login credential of their hosting account where they can manage several domains.

Pros of White Label Reseller Web Hosting

Whether you are a solo web developer or owning a small agency, it is good advice to expand your business and add new customers. Pick the white-labeled reseller web hosting service to generate revenue and maximize your business.

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1.      A Space to Expand Your Services

If you are running a current business and offer plenty of services to customers, maximize the service list by including web hosting packages. By doing so, customers can avail of different services under one roof only. Therefore, your customers or clients will not have to rely on third-party service providers, and everything will be done in-house by you, which creates a win-win situation.

Having all-inclusive services under one roof gives users the freedom to take more charge of customers. Many of their customers might use other services or products apart from web hosting services. For instance, an IT solution firm can offer software development services and web hosting services for which organizations can charge additional amounts. Even customers will not deny paying for such packages. In this manner, expand your service and brand’s credibility.

2.      Enhanced Customer Retention

As there are plenty of services you will be offering as a reseller, it will develop a long-term relationship with every customer you serve. The continuous web support and reliable web hosting services generate more profit and grab the attention of more consumers. Thereby, there will be no scarcity of a number of consumers. So, get more consumers and maximize their numbers. Also, they would be loyal consumers because they will not approach any other service provider.

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Additionally, many customers do not prefer low-quality web hosting providers due to their inconvenient experience.Opt for MilesWeb’s white label reseller web hosting services to eradicate every kind of customer related problem and retain more customers. It is because MilesWeb offers 24×7 tech support. As a web hosting provider, they will manage all technical functionalities like server configurations, installing updates, and maintaining servers.

3.      Grow Your Business

As a reseller user, your primary objective is to resell your web hosting business and keep growing.Reseller hosting packages increase the chance of income and business growth. Rebrand hosting packages with some modifications and price changes and earn profits.

The Bottom Line

Till the internet exits, web hosting services will always be on demand. So, opt for white label reseller hosting and develop your own web hosting brand. It offers a good option to users who want to be the part of emerging web hosting. Get the right web hosting partner MilesWeb and choose their white label reseller web hosting services to get the higher ROI.


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