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How to create social content to elevate your brand?


How important is social content? The way we use the internet has changed dramatically over – especially – the past decade. And, in particular, there has been a real boom in social media to which we turn to find people, companies and in-depth content but not only.

These virtual showcases are presented as immense containers, able to satisfy any need. Initially, the social platforms offered ‘only’ to connect people who already knew each other and who were far away or had lost touch. With the passage of time – and today more than ever, while the health emergency is raging – these means of communication have been transformed into powerful information tools, which are used more than ever.

The concept of social media value and why it matters

The evolution that social networks have had in the recent past, Facebook, in the first place, is evident and overt. However, the companies have intercepted the change. They landed online and delivered quality content through digital platforms with an informative and – naturally – marketing intent.

The value of these contents must always be evident and recognizable. The measure of value that each person achieves by spending their time on social media is called ‘social media value’. Let’s see together what it is and how the contents disseminated on the platforms – advice, sharing of values ​​and information – can make the brand grow. On the other hand, it is now a fact that Internet users have begun to perceive tools such as Facebook and Instagram as reliable sources of information.

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We must take advantage of reading the information conveyed

The time we spend on social networks is constantly increasing, and in this historical period, there has even been a surge due to the Covid-19 emergency, which forced us to reduce travel and stay more time at home. Why does a person stay connected on social media for so many hours a day?

The reason is soon to be said. It is constantly looking for new information, obviously linked to the spread of the infection but not only (shop hours, self-certification, delivery and home deliveries, activities to be done in lock-down and so on). All issues that have guided the dissemination of valuable content by companies and the most popular information sites. As for the concept of social media value, in this case, it is clear how users have found an advantage from reading the information conveyed.

It is the doubts and curiosities of users that guide the dissemination of social content.

It is above all young people who search the web in search of valuable information: they want to receive it from the brands they ‘follow’, in the name of that relationship of trust that has been established and that must be continually renewed. The most important topics are, among others:

  • green economy,
  • sustainability,
  • work,
  • digital development.
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We know well that it is the users, with their doubts and their curiosities or questions, who ‘guide’ the dissemination of content: the concept of social media value is therefore always at the center of attention and can be used in a growth strategy of the brand.

You need to be able to offer interesting content without risking being trivial: creativity is everything, given that the attention threshold of the online user is very low. The contents offered must be aesthetically and socially beautiful, relevant and interesting to the point of deserving to be shared again. The value is, therefore, yes for the user, who benefits from the info, but also for the brand that sees its awareness grow.

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