September 15

How Internal Branding Can Affect Employee Satisfaction And Beyond


Bored at work? Tired at the desk? Most likely, the answer is yes. According to a recent study, an astounding 85% of employees do not feel engaged at their workplace. Whether it is because there’s a lack of incentive, inadequate communication or plain boredom, people are unenthused and unsatisfied. So, what can a business do to better the employee experience? It all starts with improving their internal brand.

Creating and maintaining a reputable and trustworthy brand can be a challenge. It requires money, time and resourcefulness. Businesses cannot afford to allow that work go to waste by ignoring how their brand is being received by their own employees. A company’s workforce needs to be reminded of their worth and that their employer cares about them. Also, they should know the brand’s values, how devoted it is in its purpose, and what makes it different from everyone else. In turn, it creates a more appealing and positive work culture.

Effective internal branding can also improve employee retention and loyalty. When a person feels connected to their job, they become more productive. In fact, when loyal employees are reported to be 300% more productive in their position. Furthermore, companies with dedicated team members experience 50% increase in customer loyalty when compared to establishments with disengaged employees.

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Internal branding affects not only current employees about a business, but how future ones do as well. Researchers have found that 60% of applicants are searching for an organization based on their values and personal beliefs. If an employer does not align with them, they are more likely to disregard any offers. Additionally, a lack of insight into the company’s values can have a negative effect. A common problem job seekers report is not having any knowledge on how the workplace would be like at that company.

So, how can recruiters overcome these obstacles? Surprisingly, a lot of it comes down to internal branding. When team members feel included and appreciated, they are more likely to promote their workplace. Companies should take advantage of this and mold employees into brand ambassadors with the help of positive internal brand campaigning. With a satisfied staff and great reputation, recruitment efforts could be less of a challenge.

It is crucial to remember that internal branding encompasses every facet of the employee experience. Furthermore, the process of bettering this experience will always be ongoing. Marketing professionals and higher ups must do all they can to continuously maintain a connection between the employees and the brand’s purpose.

To learn more about how boosting a company’s internal branding efforts can have positive impact on the recruitment process, please look over the following infographic created by a brand consultant.

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